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Watersports Gap Year

WindsurfingIf you want to take a gap year and get really good at windsurfing, we recommend training as a windsurf instructor in Greece or Australia.

What’s more you can now get paid to windsurf.

Professional training

After a few weeks of professional training you will have the qualifications to start earning money from the sport you love.

Search windsurfing courses in Greece and Australia

Personal challenge

First, we guarantee to improve your performance on the water.

Next, if you are looking for a personal challenge, you won’t find one more satisfying than learning the skills of an instructor: technical knowledge, safety awareness, communication skills, people management and motivation.

These are important soft skills and  transferable to any career, so the Flying Fish experience makes a great addition to your CV or resume.

Once you’re qualified?

Now it’s up  to you. You can get an instructor job, go travelling or continue training.

Many Flying Fish students combine windsurfing with another sport – dinghy sailing, scuba diving, mountain biking or a snow sport. If you can teach more than one sport, employers will be chasing you around the world.

Get a job

If you want to work in windsurfing during your gap year we provide an online recruitment service which puts you in touch with lots of employers and lets you apply for the latest instructor jobs.

We can also help you put a CV together and give you some top tips about working in the water sports industry.

  • Dinghy Sailing Instructor Fast Track

    4 weeks
    The Dinghy Sail Instructor Fast-track programme is designed for basic intermediate sailors who want to progress to instructor quickly.

  • Windsurf Instructor Fast Track

    4 weeks
    The Windsurf Instructor Fast-track is an intensive four week course, for basic windsurfers who want to progress to instructor quickly.

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