Improve Your Skills with a Boat Safety Training Course in Sydney and Manly

Safety is the most important consideration when on the water and Flying Fish has several boat safety training opportunities in Sydney and Manly. You can peruse our safety, radio, and maintenance offerings to see which boat safety course suits your needs.

Boat Safety Equipment

You can increase your boating safety by equipping your boat with several items to be used on a regular basis and in the case of an emergency. Bailing devices need to be kept on board in the event the boat starts to take on water. They do not have to be very sophisticated and can be a large bucket or an old milk jug.

Anchors keep your boat in place when not tied to a mooring or in a slip and should be on your boat at all times. You need to check your owner’s manual for specifications about the type and weight of the anchor required. You will need to set the anchor in times that you’re adrift due to a loss of power or during severe weather conditions.

Fire extinguishers are fire-fighting tools that should be kept close at hand. You can strategically place several extinguishers around the boat for quick access. Fire extinguishers are specific to the type of fire such as electrical or chemical so choose ones that fit your needs. An axe is an excellent tool for fighting fires because it can open closed-off areas to gain access quickly. It can also be used to cut lines rapidly.

Several types of safety equipment are made for occasions when someone falls overboard. The most standard is personal floatation devices or life vests which are strongly regulated so be sure you have the right number and type for your passengers. Life rings, buoyant heaving lines, and re-boarding devices such as ladders help get the person safely back into the boat.

In cases of poor visibility such as thick fog other boats only know of your whereabouts because of the sound you make. You can create noise to notify others of your location with bells, air horns, and whistles. You can use sound signalling devices to alert others that you need help if you are in distress. Flares can also signal trouble if other boats are visible but need to be used with care because they are incendiary devices.

Boat Safety Course in Sydney

We mean these tips to be reminders and not as a replacement for quality boat safety training. Safety needs to be practised and ingrained so you can act quickly and efficiently without wasting time in the case of an emergency. A boat safety course also teaches you the skills needed to handle situations to prevent emergencies competently.

If you have any questions about our boat safety training or if you want to register for a boat safety course in Sydney or Manly contact Flying Fish. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are passionate about sharing their skills to keep you safe while boating.

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