Windsurfing & Paddleboarding (SUP)

Adrenaline, fitness & fun - come learn with us.

The Zen of windsurfing – that smile on your face after every session, the joy of spending a day blasting or freestyling with friends on the water- every windsurfer knows …

And when the wind dies pick up a paddle and go for a Stand-up-Paddleboard (SUP) session.

You can SUP with friendsSUP for fitness or yoga, or start SUP racing. The possibilities are endless and it’s great for health, happiness, and friendship.

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paddle board and windsurf

Learn to windsurf

Join a two day intensive Start Windsurfing Level 1 course to learn the core skills of windsurfing. 

Then follow up with Start Windsurfing Level 2 to improve tacking and gybing, learn to beach start and use the harness. 

Or you can book a series of morning classes or arrange a private course for yourself or your group. 

Once you have mastered the basics come and hire a board and get out windsurfing on your own terms.

Our friendly, qualified instructors will gude you through your training. 

Stand up fitness and fun
for everyone!

Stand Up Paddleboards open up a whole new world of
adventure, exploration, fitness, and fun, and anyone can do it!. 

Apart from being a ‘ton of fun’ Stand Up Paddle (SUP) provides you with a low impact, full-body workout that’s so enjoyable you can exercise for hours before you realize you have been exerting yourself at all! 

If you haven’t done much paddleboarding before book a SUP Intro Lesson to learn the basics and understand some essential safety.

We give you simple tips on balance, body position, and stroke techniques that will save you hours of frustration. Get the foundations right and you can go anywhere. 

Once you are up and paddling why not Hire a SUP and explore our stunning location or join our SUP fitness classes or SUP adventure/eco-tours.

paddle board and windsurf with friends

Choose a course or event


Windsurf - Start Windsurfing (Level 1)

If you haven't windsurfed you haven't lived! This course teaches the basics of windsurfing. You will learn how to get into the sailing position, steer the board, turn around and return to shore.

2 days



Windsurf - Start Windsurfing (Level 2)

This course is for windsurf improvers or those who have completed the beginners course. You will learn improved tacking and gybing, beach starts, and a couple of freestyle tricks.

2 days



Windsurf Classes - (Level 1 and 2)

Our morning classes are a great way to learn to windsurf in a fantastic location. Join a scheduled class or arrange a private lesson for yourself or your group.

3 hours



SUP Intro Lessons

Learn the basics of Stand-Up-Paddleboarding (SUP) in a fun-filled two-hour private lesson. This short session is suitable for all-comers so bring the kids!

2 hours

Enquire for details


Hire a Windsurfer

Hire one of our windsurfers and get out and have some fun windsurfing around stunning Middle Harbour.

2 hours



Hire a Stand Up Paddleboard

Stand up Paddle boards are great fun, good exercise and a delightful way to explore the shoreline of Sydney Harbour.

2 hours



Windsurf Instructor Course

The Windsurf Instructor Prep and Assessment is designed for confident, intermediate windsurfers who are ready to take part in the RYA instructor course without much preliminary training.

5 days



Windsurf Instructor Fast Track

The Windsurf Instructor Fast-track is an intensive four week course, for basic windsurfers who want to progress to instructor quickly.

4 weeks



Dinghy Sailing / Windsurf Instructor Fast Track

The programme is for water sports enthusiasts who want to join an inspiring training adventure in a superb location and fast-track their progress to RYA instructor level in two sports.

8 weeks