Safety, Radio & Maintenance

Essential training to keep you safe at sea.

When it comes to safety at sea, prevention is definitely better than cure! 

Having a good understanding of the many variables; weather, tides, navigation, engine failure, etc that can conspire to give you a bad day out will give you more chance of foreseeing a deteriorating safety situation and taking appropriate mitigating action.

It’s equally important to have worked out, and drilled, your emergency response plan should the proverbial hit the fan! When disaster strikes, you don’t want to find yourself frantically reading the instructions on the liferaft while your vessel is rapidly sinking! 

Good seamanship comes with education and experience and safety comes from knowledge.

Our marine safety, maintenance, and navigation courses are relevant to all who go to sea and contain valuable lessons and information that may one day save your life!

For commercial skippers and Yachtmasters, many of these qualifications are mandatory. For recreational sailors and motorboat operators, some are legally required, and most are strongly recommended. 

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Marine safety courses


ACMA Marine Radio License (VHF, HF, GMDSS)

This one-day Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) approved course teaches you to use VHF (Short Range) as well as MF and HF (Long Range) radio for distress, urgency, safety, and general calls. The course includes GMDSS and DSC

1 day



Marine First Aid

This course has been specifically designed for those working in the marine environment and is ideal for boat owners, watersports instructors, yacht skippers, and crew. The course leads to an internationally recognised first aid qualification.

1 day



AS/ISAF Offshore Safety and Sea Survival

This two-day course meets the requirements of World Sailing (formerly ISAF), RYA and AS for crew planning to take part in offshore yacht races like the Sydney to Hobart race. The course is also highly recommended for anyone going to sea for any purpose.

2 days



AS/ISAF Offshore Safety and Sea Survival Revalidation

This is a re-validation course for those who have completed the two-day AS/World Sailing Offshore Safety and Sea Survival course but whose certificates will soon expire.

1 day



RYA Diesel Engines

This course gives you an overall awareness of the central systems of a marine diesel engine. We teach you how to take simple measures to prevent mechanical breakdown at sea and rectify defects that do not require workshop support.

1 day



Outboard Engine Maintenance

This one day course is for the Sydney boating enthusiast who wants a basic understanding of the operation and maintenance of an outboard motor. We teach you how to take simple measures to prevent mechanical breakdown at sea and to rectify defects which do not require workshop support.

1 day



Basic Yacht Maintenance

This course provides a grounding in the essential maintenance tasks required to keep a modern cruising yacht on the water.

3 days



Essential Navigation and Seamanship - Online

This self-paced online course provides a beginner's introduction to the navigation theory and safety knowledge required to go boating safely at sea.

16 hours - self-paced



Day Skipper Shorebased Theory

The RYA Dayskipper shore-based course provides a comprehensive introduction to chartwork, navigation, meteorology, safety, and seamanship and provides the underpinning theory knowledge essential for recreational skippers. It will help you make informed decisions on the water and feel confident about being in charge.

5 days


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Safety management

Clearly, going to sea, whether for work or recreation, brings with it some unfamiliar risks which need to be understood and mitigated wherever possible.

All vessels should have a documented risk assessment and Safety Management System (SMS) on board.

The SMS must detail the vessel’s standard operating procedures, safety and emergency procedures, and maintenance schedules.

Responsible masters and crew need to be conversant with the vessel’s SMS and up to date with their own safety, navigation, and communication knowledge and certifications. 

Contact Flying Fish if you would like help with your SMS or advice on which safety courses are essential for your needs.

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    Experience the magic of sailing on Sydney Harbour on one of our comfortable yachts. This short lesson introduces you to the exciting sport of sailing in a safe and controlled way.
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    Spend a fabulous day sailing on Sydney Harbour aboard one of our comfortable yachts. This is an excellent way to gently learn the ropes, meet new friends, and have a whole lot of fun in the great outdoors. Please choose one of our scheduled dates or enquire below to book it as a private event for your group.