Superyacht Crew Training

Get a headstart in the superyacht industry.

Over the last couple of decades, the superyacht industry has experienced remarkable growth.  This surge has resulted in increased regulation and created a burgeoning demand for qualified and well-trained crew.

Working aboard a superyacht is often described as a dream job. You can travel to some of the world’s most exotic and remote locations aboard a magnificent luxury yacht equipped with an array of fabulous toys (think Jet skis, powerboats, helicopters, and even submarines!). 

Along the way, you’ll meet amazing people from diverse backgrounds, and as if that weren’t enticing enough, you’ll also be rewarded with a generous, tax-free salary. Who wouldn’t want this?

Despite the allure of working on a superyacht and its many perks, it’s also important to acknowledge that this career path also comes with its challenges.

You must expect to spend extended periods away from home, and the nature of the job often involves long hours and irregular schedules, especially during peak seasons, which can sometimes lead to a lack of personal time or work-life balance.

To help you get the best possible start in the industry, Flying Fish offers industry-specific training courses to give you the essential qualifications you need to secure your initial role on a superyacht and to provide you with a springboard to this exciting new career.

Superyacht crew courses


Professional Yachtmaster / Cruising Instructor Internship

This internship offers seasoned watersports instructors an unparalleled chance to embark on a comprehensive two-year work-study journey, culminating in certifications as a Yachtmaster Ocean and RYA Cruising Instructor. Set in an idyllic location, this program promises an enriching, career-enhancing experience in an inspiring environment. It is also a highly cost effective way of training.

2 years

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STCW Superyacht Deckhand

Our Superyacht Deckhand course at Flying Fish UK is packed full of the essential qualifications and skills required by the deck crew on a superyacht. It provides a superb springboard into your first job.

15 days



STCW Superyacht Steward or Stewardess

Our Superyacht Steward/ess course at Flying Fish UK provides the essential skills and qualifications needed to start working as a Superyacht Steward or Stewardess. It's the perfect springboard you need to enter the industry with confidence.

15 days



STCW Basic Safety Training

STCW Basic Safety Training is required by anyone wishing to work on a commercial vessel greater than 24 m in length. If your aim is to work on superyachts this course is an essential part of your training.

6 days



ACMA Marine Radio License (VHF, HF, GMDSS)

This one-day Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) approved course teaches you to use VHF (Short Range) as well as MF and HF (Long Range) radio for distress, urgency, safety, and general calls. The course includes GMDSS and DSC

1 day



RYA Powerboat Level 2

This course provides intensive training in the practical skills and theoretical knowledge the small boat driver needs. You will learn to drive our rigid inflatable rescue craft.

2 days



Basic Yacht Maintenance

This course provides a grounding in the essential maintenance tasks required to keep a modern cruising yacht on the water.

3 days



Essential Navigation and Seamanship - Online

This self-paced online course provides a beginner's introduction to the navigation theory and safety knowledge required to go boating safely at sea.

16 hours - self-paced



Yachtmaster Ocean Fast Track

The Yachtmaster Ocean Fast Track in Sydney first trains you for your RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. Then, you go on to learn celestial navigation and complete an ocean-qualifying passage in preparation for the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean oral exam.

16 weeks



Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased Theory

The RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Shore-based week teaches you ocean passage planning and celestial navigation, including the use of a sextant. You will leave the course confident that you have the knowledge and skills required to navigate an ocean passage using traditional methods.

5 days



Yachtmaster Ocean Theory & Qualifying Passage

This course prepares experienced skippers for the prestigious RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence. The programme combines the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory course with an exhilarating Pacific ocean qualifying passage.

4 weeks



Yachtmaster Offshore Fast Track

The Flying Fish Yachtmaster Offshore Fast Track in Sydney takes you from novice sailor to the RYA Yachtmaster Certificate of Competence.

12 weeks



Yachtmaster Shorebased Theory

Upon completing this course, you will have a thorough knowledge of all the theory required for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence.

6 days


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Which course do I need?


Our STCW Superyacht Deckhand and STCW Superyacht Steward/Stewardess courses include all the essential skills and qualifications you need to start your first job on a superyacht in one convenient package.

 These courses are run by our UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved partners at Flying Fish UK in the picturesque town of Cowes on the Isle of Wight, UK.

If you just want the bare essentials, all crew require STCW Basic Safety Training to work on board. Deck crew also need RYA Powerboat Level 2 and a Marine Radio Operators certificate. If you don’t have a yachting background, we also strongly recommend an RYA Competent Crew course to put some salt in your veins and make sure you know your port from your starboard.

If you have career aspirations and want to one day take a command position on a superyacht, the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore is your essential first professional qualification.

As a qualified RYA Yachtmaster, you can also find work as a yacht instructor, charter skipper, or delivery crew. This way you can log valuable command time, before moving on to larger vessels where you will undertake further training for MCA Officer of the Watch, Master 500gt, and eventually Master 3000gt.

With MCA Master of Yachts 3000gt, you can apply for the best command jobs in the superyacht industrSTCW

  • Try Yachting

    3 hours
    Experience the magic of sailing on Sydney Harbour on one of our comfortable yachts. This short lesson introduces you to the exciting sport of sailing in a safe and controlled way.
  • Discover Yachting

    1 day
    Spend a fabulous day sailing on Sydney Harbour aboard one of our comfortable yachts. This is an excellent way to gently learn the ropes, meet new friends, and have a whole lot of fun in the great outdoors. Please choose one of our scheduled dates or enquire below to book it as a private event for your group.
"Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life."

How much will you earn on a Superyacht?

There are worldwide job opportunities on yachts and superyachts, including roles for captains, deck officers and crew, chefs and steward/ess, bosuns and engineers. 

Deck crew who are dual qualified as jetski, diving, windsurfing or dinghy sailing instructors are also often in demand. As are interior crew who are qualified yoga instructors or massage therapists. 

There are also a range of shorebased indsutry support jobs in management, sales, administration, guest services etc.

Superyacht crew salaries are usually tax-free, with virtually no living expenses to worry about. Generally, the bigger the boat, the better the pay. 

If your boat is doing charter work, the crew can also make large tips on top of their salary.

The salary guidelines below are based on the yachting market as of September 2023. Actual salaries will always vary depending on a candidate’s specific experience, training, certification, additional skills, and a particular yacht’s needs.

  • Try Yachting

    3 hours
    Experience the magic of sailing on Sydney Harbour on one of our comfortable yachts. This short lesson introduces you to the exciting sport of sailing in a safe and controlled way.
  • Discover Yachting

    1 day
    Spend a fabulous day sailing on Sydney Harbour aboard one of our comfortable yachts. This is an excellent way to gently learn the ropes, meet new friends, and have a whole lot of fun in the great outdoors. Please choose one of our scheduled dates or enquire below to book it as a private event for your group.

Superyacht salaries by role

The Captain | €80,000 to 180,000 p/a

The Captain takes responsibility for navigation and passage-planning, leads the crew, manages the boat’s finances and looks after the owner’s family and guests.

First Officer | €54000 to 84,000 p/a

First Mate assists the Captain as second-in-command.

Chief Engineer | €80,000 to €120,000 p/a

The Chief Engineer ensures that every piece of equipment on board is maintained in an operational state.

Security Officer | €40,000 to 60,000 p/a

The Security Officer designs the yacht’s safety and security plan, defends against threats to life and property.

Chef | €65,000 to €96,000 p/a

The Chef manages and runs the galley, prepares meals for guests and crew.

Cheif Stew | €36,000 to 48,000 p/a

The Chief Stew takes responsibility for housekeeping and guest entertainment, manages the steward/ess team.

Steward/ess | €25,000 to €30,000 p/a

Interior Crew ensure that guests have an enjoyable time on board, serve meals, look after guest accommodation and keep the interior spotlessly clean.

Deck Crew | €32,000 to 40,000 p/a

Deck Crew assist with all tasks on deck, maintain the gym and swimming pool, drive the yacht’s tenders.

man laying on yacht

Other opportunities for qualified Yachtmasters

Flotilla Skipper | €180 to €300 p/w

Mediterranean flotilla work is less well paid but the lifestyle is great and it’s a fantastic way to build experience and command time.

Couples | $55,000 to $95,000 p/a + Tips

A couple working together on a busy charter boat in the Caribbean can benefit from joint earnings. You can expect to add to this with tips, especially from American guests.

Delivery Skipper | $6,000 to $10,000 p/m

Delivery skippers earnings vary but they usually benefit from travel costs to and from the delivery on top of their earnings.

Yacht Instructor | $60000 to $75,000 p/a

Casual seasonal instrcutors can work for charter companies or sailing schools, earning £90 to £150 / day in the UK or $300 to $400 / day in Australia.

A full-time RYA Yachting Instructor can expect £20,000 to £30,000 annually in the UK or $60,000 to $75,000 in Australia.