Dinghy Sailing - Start Sailing (Level 1)

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the exciting sport of dinghy sailing. It is an intensive, fun-packed programme, starting with the core sailing skills.

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Learn to Sail DinghiesThis two-day course provides a structured introduction to the wonderful sport of sailing. 

You will learn the theory and core practical sailing skills in a progressive and safe environment.

We begin by teaching you how to rig and prepare your boat. Then, we move on to the exciting bit, sailing across the wind. This is where you feel the joy of sailing. 

By the end of the course, you will know how to sail around a basic triangular course in light winds.

Course content 

  • Personal gear, PFDs, etc 
  • Rigging, launching and landing
  • Orientation and basic skills 
  • Reaching and sailing across the wind
  • Sailing upwind, tacking and the 'No go Zone.'
  • Sailing downwind and gybing and 'the Gybing Zone
  • The five essentials of sailing.
  • The points of sailing.
  • Capsize recovery. 

Sailing location 

The course is based in a superb setting at Middle Harbour Yacht Club on Sydney Harbour.

The local sailing area offers plenty of safe sandy beaches for beginners to learn the ropes.

Equipment and instructors 

Our training fleet includes RS Zest single-handers and Laser Bahias, two-person dinghies with trapeze and asymmetric spinnakers. 

Our instructors are qualified, friendly, experienced and professional. 

Private course - less money, more fun

Why not get your own small group of family and friends together?

Bring 5 or more participants, and we will arrange a course at a date that suits you and give you a 20% order discount. 

Enquire using the private course enquiry button at the top of the page.  

What's included

Training, equipment, safety cover. 


  • RYA/AS Start Sailing - Level 1. 

Before you start

  • No previous sailing experience is required for this course. 

What next?

  • Move on to our level 2 course to develop and improve your skills.
  • Then you will be ready to come and hire our sailing dinghies, start racing or join our skills development classes.