There’s a reason so many people dream of learning to sail. Unparalleled freedom, the excitement of the open ocean, and the feeling of achievement at mastering such a demanding craft all await those who follow this dream. If you’ve been dreaming of getting out on the water, take the first steps today and sign up for a sailing course.

Whether you’re looking to start a career as a sailor or skipper or just want to be able to safely enjoy recreational sailing around Sydney’s beautiful coasts, finding the right introductory course is crucial. As a seafaring city, Sydney offers a lot of options for learning the basics of sailing, but not every class will prepare you to the same degree. It’s important to start by asking yourself what you want to get out of the training you receive. Do you just want the basics to see what sailing involves? Do you eventually want to obtain certification? Considerations like these will help you pick the right class and avoid wasting time on ineffective instruction.

Why Learn to Sail in Sydney

As a port city, Sydney’s culture is full of connections to the sea and sailing. With people coming from all over the world to sail here, it’s one of the best places to start your journey of learning to sail. One benefit of the long history of sailing here is the presence of established sailing schools staffed by experienced instructors. Flying Fish has been operating in Manly and internationally for 20 years, training everyone from recreational sailors to superyacht captains and yacht racing crews. This wide range of experience means the Flying Fish crew is ready for anything whether your ambitions are in the direction of yacht races or just entertaining friends.

It’s also just a beautiful location from which to depart. Our East Australia offshore adventures, for instance, leave from Manly and give you fantastic views of Coffs Harbour, Mooloolaba, and Fraser Island. Once you get up to that level of skill, you’ll have access to some amazing voyages, such as our ocean passage to Lord Howe Island.

What Sets a Learn to Sail Course Apart in Sydney

It’s no accident we offer some of the most popular learn to sail courses around Manly. A few things set apart a truly effective sailing school. International experience and recognition is an important one for us. One of the most captivating things about the ocean is that you can travel anywhere in the world. So, our recognition by international awarding authorities such as the Royal Yachting Association is an important factor in the value of our training.

For those interested in starting a new career, this means you can get important job certifications taken care of right here as well as gain access to our network of employers and partners. Plus, we offer a few options for how quickly you want to complete the necessary training. You can do an intensive Fast Track course to achieve Yachtmaster certification in as little as eight weeks. Or, combine our short courses at your own pace if you need a more flexible schedule. Contact us today to find out how Flying Fish can help you reach your sailing goals.

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